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Someone Finally Did It: Playable Myst as an Actual Hardcover Book (VIDEO)

It's about time someone did it. Make a real Myst hardcover book where you can actually play the game in, that is. It's not some 'choose your own adventure' book, mind you. The maker didn't convert the game into some text version either.

What he did instead was take a whole computer processor apart and re-arrange them to build a tiny, working computer that fit into the hollowed-out insides of a book that's been designed to look like the book featured on Myst. Now that's impressive.

Some technical stuff:

  • The screen is a 640x480 5.0" LED-backlit display. This provides 1:1 native pixel mapping on the original versions of Myst, Riven & Exile.
  • The power supply is a 3-cell Lithium-Ion battery capable of outputting 60A of current (but the book uses nowhere near that much).
  • The CPU is an Intel Z530P running at 1.6GHz, and the GPU is an Intel GMA500 chipset capable of running DirectX 9.0C graphics.

Yeah, my eyes glazed over too. But what you need to do know is that the 'book' has been pre-loaded with all the Myst games and some bonuses.

The good news? It's

for sale

. The bad news? It's priced at $15,625. Damn.

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