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SMS Fails of the Week: Bleeding Bottoms, Eating Skanks, and Goldfinches in Your Hair

The worst autocorrects are the ones that you never saw coming. Or should I just go ahead and say that these also happen to be the best ones, just as long as you're not the one sending them?

Autocorrect seems to have an issue with 'killing', 'kissing', and 'eating.' Apparently, someone saying that he (or she) wanted to kill a b#tch (let's hope that's not in the literal sense) ended up telling the other person that he (or she) wanted to eat a b#tch. Now that's a far cry from the truth.

The second case was when this dude was telling his girl that he wanted to kill her and hold her in his arms all night. Now that's just creepy and all sorts of scary. But, of course, he meant that he wanted to kiss her. Kiss, not kill. Love, not hate. Peace, not war. You get the picture.

Check out the rest of this week's SMS Fails and get ready to laugh out loud. Enjoy!

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