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Shannon De Lima Bikini Pictures Seem to Deserve More Than Marc Anthony and His Skinny Mustache

Look, far be it from us to say that 140-lb rich dudes with anorexia and bad mustaches can't have hot chick girlfriends. Every guy deserves the woman he can afford (or beg, borrow, or steal) so there's no reason why singer and boy-bodied pop star Marc Anthony can't have a 20-year old sextastic model babe like Venezuelan Shannon De Lima to help him heal the wounds of his divorce from Jennifer Lopez. Not like Jennifer herself didn't go grab some young piece of meat back up dancer to seriously rebound bang after the divorce. To me, for all the pain and price of divorce, this would be the upside, the frolicking sex with people much livelier than your spouse. I'm guessing the young twins the former couple tote around with their new pieces of meat even understand it in their little toddler brains.

Nevertheless, shade us a bit jealous of the waifish March Anthony, because this Shannon De Lima on the beach in Miami in her little bikin is one fine looking rebound. Enjoy.

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