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Serbian Village Terrorized By Non-Glittery Vampire Sava Savanovic

The Serbian village of Zorazje is terrified of a new threat to public health, namely that a vampire named Sava Savanovic is on the loose. The local health department even put out a warning not to go out at night. Why is old Sava on the prowl? His house, an old mill, burned down and he's looking for a new apartment. I guess it's hard to find affordable housing in Zorazje. Sava is an ancient vampire that has feasted on the blood of anyone foolish enough to be at the mill past sunset for centuries. Until the mill burned down tours were only given during the day to avoid his blood thirsty jaws. It's a damn good thing that the Twilight saga probably hasn't made inroads in rural Serbia or else all the teenage girls would be trying to get with Savanovic. Everyone knows that real vampires are not glittery girly-boys that stalk weasel faced girls professing love. Just try and tell Savanovic about your eternal love while he rips out your throat.

Here is a scene from the 70's Yugoslavic film Leptirica about Sava Savanovic. It's terrible and yet still better than Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 2.

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