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Selena Gomez Seemingly Done With Satan Jr. and Super Hot in Glamour Magazine

Apparently, the on-again off-again teen romance between our belusted Selena Gomez and The Devil's Midget is off-again, as the Selena was spotted end of last week ditching her teen lesbian girlfriend at a restaurant before the first course was served. We can only hope Satan Jr's powers over the Latina diva continue to dwindle and our brunette baby makes her way free and clear of the world's smallest biggest douche. Just check out Selena Gomez hotness in the December issue of Glamour and you'll understand why we and the rest of the world believes she has a few more options than a mini-Ken Doll meets spoiled tween girl.

Selena is growing up to be a petite bit of womanly sextastic that deserves something far greater than a cry-baby with access to capital, she needs a real man, I think I know who we're talking about her. Call me, Selena. I'm in the book under 'Major Rebound Mistakes'. Enjoy.

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