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Robert Griffin III Reveals Who He Would Vote for as Offensive Rookie of the Year

Washington Redskins' rookie QB Robert Griffin III is in the midst of a pretty mind blowing season. RG3 has thrown for 2,504 yards and racked up 642 rushing yards through 11 games. Griffin is fourth in the NFL in completion percentage and has only thrown four interceptions. His TDs include 16 passing and 6 rushing. But when it comes to Rookie of the Year, RG3 told NFL Network's NFL AM that it would be conceited to vote for himself, so his ballot would have the name of his teammate, running back Alfred Morris.

Morris is nearly at a thousand yards already, having gained 982 yards and scored six TDs. That puts the two of them at 4,128 yards combined so far this season. How's the future looking in Washington? Pretty damn good. But so is the present. After beating the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, the 'Skins put themselves right back in the playoff hunt. A Monday night matchup with the Giants traveling to Washington could make or break the season.

Of course, Andrew Luck isn't quite ready to give up his ROY chances. Luck has led the Colts to sevens wins, tied for the most ever by an overall number one pick, and he's thrown for 3,025 yards already. Griffin said he wishes Luck nothing but success and hopes the two of them become the best 1-2 draft tandem in history.

How can you not like the guy?

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