Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures Back in Black With Sextastic Crack

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Does she walk, does she talk, does she come complete, my GILFtastic veteran hottie always pulled me from my seat.

Rita Rusic is back in black on the beach in Miami continuing what seems now like a never-ending beach and boys vacation lifestyle that she is so blessedly sharing with us by way of the best parts, her bikini struts about the beach, flashing her 50-something amazingly desirable body in various two-piece colors.

It's not so much that we just want to make the sexy with Rita Rusic as we want to take her to our office Christmas party, have everybody titter and giggle about how we brought our 'mom' as our date, then photo-capture their snickering eyeballs as we are discovered boinking our 'mom' in the copy room. It's kind of just like that. Enjoy.

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