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Rihanna Covered Nekkid and Hot for GQ Magazine

As we say about the few women in Hottieville willing to drop their drawers for public display, love her or not, you've got to respect Rihanna for her willingness to bare her body for the gentleman ogling public. Or, in this case, GQ magazine, where she is barely covered on the cover, and wearing even less on the pages within.

We admire any and all ladies willing to flash their wares without much hesitation or need for special People magazine interviews to talk about their personal bravery in showing skin, and Rihanna continues to be one of our all-time most exulted skin barers. The fact that she has one of the most wicked bodies in all of pop diva land doesn't hurt either. Enjoy.

Be sure to check out the full set of Rihanna in GQ covered nekkid photos.

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