Nina Agdal Lingerie Pictures Hot Enough to Roast Your Chestnuts

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And we're not talking open fire here, we're talking flames of insane lust at the sight of our Danish delight, our absolute lock pick for worldwide hotness recognition, Nina Agdal, promoting the ever-loving heck out of Yeni Inci lingerie line. And do so with great aplomb, or, with her plums, or, really both.

Now, to say that we've needed plastic sheeting on our carpets since the day we first laid eyes on Nina Agdal, well, that is an understatement of dry cleaning proportions (and, trust me when I say that walking into a dry cleaners with a throw rug over your shoulder with a 'Lewinsky' problem is not easy to do with a straight face). We just think Nina is the bomb. The sexy bomb. And you know what bombs do. Somebody call the cleaners. Enjoy.

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