NFL is Going Gangnam Style, Oppa Oppa Gangnam Style

The NFL knows a thing or two about making use of the hottest trends of the day in order to promote itself. At an upcoming game between the Seattle Seahawks and Buffalo Bills in Toronto (Week 15) the halftime show will be performed by the current owner of the most viewed video on YouTube.

Before you guys rush off to sell your tickets, don't worry. The honor does not belong to Justin Beiber, who was just booed pretty bad when he performed during  the halftime show for the Grey Cup (Canadian Football League's equivalent to the Super Bowl). No, the owner of the most watched video on YouTube is none other than a 34-year old, somewhat overweight dude from South Korea.

I'm talking about Psy, the man that has the NFL and the rest of the world going Gangnam style.

The video served a very good purpose when it came out during the summer; it supplanted Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" as the video everyone under the sun just had to copy. While this one did have an endless numberof parodies at one point popping up all over the internet, its longevity is being helped (or killed, depending on who you ask) thanks to the number of football players  that like to break out in the little dance to celebrate a big play.

Many have tried; some with great success while others showed just how badly they are lacking in anything resembling rhythm. One of the best came courtesy of Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Domata Peko:

Let's be real here folks. As long as our heroes are scoring touchdowns and making tackles we don't really care what they do to celebrate. We just want them to make the same play all over again.

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