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Miranda Kerr Lingerie Peeks Kicks Off the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Every year, this event gets bigger and bigger, including the TV event that takes place later this month, unfortunately, this means the Victoria's Secret annual Fashion Show also gets sillier and siller and bloated with more lingerie-irrelevant celebrity involvement. The minute we saw Justin Bieber at the show, we knew the entire once-beautiful event had been taken down several notches in the awesome department.

However, at its root, the V.S. Fashion Show does still highlight a coming together of the Angels, some of the finest lingerie models in the world and has them all hanging out half-nekkid behind the stage. And that's a place you really want to be, to leer at the likes of the uber-sextastic Miranda Kerr, prepping for her own model prance down the catwalk. And a nice peek at Miranda Kerr is worth plowing through a whole lot of nonsense. Enjoy.

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