Minka Kelly May Be Kinda Boring, But Her Body Is Slamming Hot in Stretch Pants

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For Minka Kelly, it's gym, hair salon, nail salon, healthy lunch, boutique shopping, back to gym, hair salon, nail salon, healthy lunch, boutique shopping. It's all we ever see of Minka Kelly really. It's pretty effin' boring. Granted, she may be tossing some serious salad behind closed doors, but all we are left with is the visual components of Grade-A boring.

However, with Grade-A hotness always comes opportunity, as when Minka headed off to the gym in her white tee and some blessed stretch pants that showed off the fine lower half of her form, most notably a booty side that is anything but mundane. It's ridiculously sweet and about to get sweaty, Minka that is, well, us too I suppose if we keep staring. Enjoy.

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