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Miguel Cabrera Headlines the 2012 Individual MLB Award Winners

The World Series is over, the parade has been cleaned up, and even the strange guy that was caught on camera throwing a bench through the window of a bus has been arrested. So what on Earth could be left for Major League Baseball to do? Announce the individual award winners of course!

This year's slate had some of the closest contests in recent history which just goes to show that the talent was really on display this season. We had a rookie who put up MVP-type numbers, a catcher who was making a valiant comeback after suffering a horrific injury the season before, a 37-year old knuckle ball pitcher that won 20 games, and a kid who came up with the best way to shut a reporter up without sounding like a jerk (clown question, bro).

With so many great performances this season it is almost a shame that there were not other awards to give. but maybe going home empty handed will be the motivation some guys need to play even better next season. I guess we'll find out in about four and a half months!

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