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Megan Fox Flashes Cleavage in 'Wedding Band' to Support Her Husband

Look, when your new husband and baby daddy has been out of a job for fifteen years, minus some DJ work, you're going to give him as much of a push as possible toward earning. So it was that Megan Foxmade a supremely sextastic appearance  in a guest role on Wedding Band, the new TBS show featuring her husband, Brian Austin Green Self-Employed.

As much as we'd love to make fun of B.A.G.S. til the cows come home, we're far too fascinated with Megan's cleavy udders in her delicious warrior princess costume on the show to be smarmy. We're just horny. for Megan, and even though this is likely shot pre-baby, we have no doubt she will be back to super true pimping hotness form shortly and out there earning herself to pay for the deadbeat spouse and the new baby.

And that means more skin is a coming! Enjoy.

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