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Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC Takes You Underground in New Trailer (VIDEO)

The awesome that is Mass Effect 3 will not stop giving. Bioware may have lost it's two founding leaders but that doesn't mean we can't check in for one more adventure with Commander Sheppard before shuffling off into 2013. The Omega downloadable content pack will give you missions in the good old black market with one of your favorite underworld kingpins Aria T'Loak. You remember her don't you? She's one of the blue alien chicks that looks like all of the other blue Asari species. During the course of the game you could bed one of them, which it turns out, could mean you've bedded all of them.

The setup for the Omega DLC goes something like this. A rogue Cerebrus agent is causing problems on the Omega station and both you and Aria have to deal with it. You'll get new guns and new gear to deal with it, so there's that.

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