Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy Are Just Another Creepy May-December Relationship We're Afraid to Look At

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We were all pretty creeped out when we saw the images of Mary-Kate Olsen and her boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy getting all cuddly and PDA at a Knicks game yesterday, with some of us assuming he pulled a Patty Hearst on her and the actress was merely suffering from a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome after the half-brother of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy had kidnapped her. In any event, it still seems like opening to a serial killer movie.

But one of the bonuses of being uber-wealthy is that you can be a pretty homely French dude who probably stinks like cigarettes and moldy cheese and still score a hot piece of trim like Mary-Kate. Which is why we so often see such creepy pairings of older celebrities or millionaires with someone on their arm that still isn't old enough to rent a car.

So as terrifying as it is to watch Monsieur Sarkozy man-handle that frail beauty of his, is it as creepy as any of the other May-December celebrity relationships we have in our gallery?

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