Maria Menounos Bikini Pictures Are Fit, Fitness, and Faptastic

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Wow, ice-pack alert! Our highly belusted Grecian goddess Maria Menounos drips with sextastic in her new bikini picture spread in Men's Fitness magazine. It has us wishing we had spent the last five years working out instead of just drinking and couch surfing so that we could hang by the beach with Maria and trade ab-compliments. Thankfully, ogles go only one direction in our current leering lust fest with Maria and that wicked tempting devil-may-care body of hers. We want to cover Maria in baby oil with some kind of gusto.

And, lest you think even goddesses are granted hot bodies without sweat, check out Maria over the weekend in blessed stretch pants on her way to the gym. That rump! That toe! It's really almost too much, as if that was ever enough. Enjoy.

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