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Kim Kardashian Makes Our List of Wham-Bam-Thank-You-BBWs

Kanye West might have a forward looking view on music, but he had better be looking forward, rearward and 360-degrees around Kim Kardashian these days, because this woman is blowing up big time, as her body reverts further toward its natural full-court lady size. It's like watching one of those shape-shifters in sci-fi movies as their doppleganging begins to sputter and they morph painfully back into their original blobby form.

Kim Kardashian packed herself into a tight black leather dress over the weekend in Miami to film her reality show, the one designed to please the craniums of 3 million grown women who sleep with stuffed animals, and Kim herself was stuffed tight into her dress, like a bloodwurst sausage with tasty fat packed into an intestinal casing, delicious, but most definitely a little scary to dig into.

We don't know what to make of Kim Kardashian, but I'd say future episodes of the craptastic TV show are definitely going to include Khloe yelling at Kim for borrowing her muumuus without asking. Enjoy.

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