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Kendall Jenner Turns Seveteen And Adopts a Very Grownup Dress Style Down Under

And, by Down Under, we obviously are referring to the great island nation of Australia, not what Kendall Jenner has going on down under her waistline, naturally, that would be rude and inapproprite for a girl of her tender money making years.

Nevertheless, Kendall Jenner turned the big 17 whilst in Australia pimping the shizz out of shizz and has been wearing very tight and revealing clothing to celebrate her maturing career and physical parts, including some low-rise rather sheer white pants to an interview show in Sydney that revealed, well, probably more than would be allowed by your local high school principal, but apparently the dress code is so not strict enforced by home school Principal Kris, who got Kendall on TV by 12, on the pill by 13, her first modeling gig by 14, her first car t 15, and by 17, well, she may well have picked out the pants, and whatever might be missing underneath  Enjoy.

Please note: nothing in the above is intended to connote, construe, or intimate the fact that teen Kendall might be revealing more than a proper young lady should. That would be wrong and we would feel bad if you thought we were saying that.

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