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Kendall Jenner Models Up For Vogue Down Under

We now have an inkling of what the taller, leaner, hotter Kardashian sister was doing on her 'have to miss school for a couple days, err, years' trip Down Under a couple months back, as Kendall Jenner explodes onto the legit modeling scene with a full on grown up fashion shoot and cover for Vogue Australia.

While Kendall may have been hustling modeling gigs for bucks since quite the younger gal, this is really her first foray into serious high stakes fashion business and we can only imagine how many layers of juices Kris Jenner was slathered in knowing one of her daughters has hit the major league circuit. Actually, we take that back, we don't want to imagine Kris Jenner slathered in juices. But we will check out Kendall Jenner in Vogue. Enjoy.

(P.S. For the few of you who insist on writing to protect the innocence of Kendall Jenner. Please, just stop. We believe that you believe in it, we just don't believe in it, not since we officially conceded our Save Kendall Jenner campaign. The age of innocence has long since passed for the new big gun in the Kardashian Family Merchandising Mafia.)

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