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Kendall Jenner Hottest Pictures Roundup for My Thanksgiving Gift to You

Well, let's kick off today's gravyboat of sexy celebrity gratitude with my own choice this Thanksgiving for whom I give thanks.

Kendall Jenner.

Oh, sure, she's jailbait and been denied anything past a middle school education and she's the offspring of Kris Jenner (so kick in six to seven likely nasty genetic traits she'll be stuck with), but Kendall Jenner remains the heir apparent to the Kardashian Merchandising Mafia Family, and she is doing so based on sheer modeling looks alone. I mean, really, there is nothing else. And how can we not respect somebody who makes something out of very little.

This Thanksgiving, I give thanks for Kendall Jenner and all the goodness that is to come. Enjoy

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