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Kendall Jenner Hot Pimps Sherri Hill Fashion Line for 2013

The Quickening has begun.

While Kim Kardashian attempts to upchuck her way out of her genetic destiny, the streamlined younger thinner taller competition of her half-sister Kendall Jenner continues to rake in the cash assignments, full on pimping like a real model, and putting Kim's position as top earner in the Kardashian Merchandising Mafia in real jeopardy. At some point, there will be blood, which at times is good news around the Kardashian home because it means another illegitimate child is not yet on the way, but in the case of Kendall and Kim, it's going to mean a serious sorority catfight.

Featured in the new Sherri Hill fashion line for 2013, Kendall Jenner shows that she's much more than just an undereducated airheaded teen model, she's an undereducated airheaded teen model with a very bright financial future. Enjoy.

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