Keira Knightley Classes Up Her Own Premiere and Other Fine Things to Ogle

Keira Knightley stuns on the red carpet with her much talked about petite pups. (SocialiteLife)

Jordin Sparks flashes her sexy legs in a snug dress. (HuffingtonPost)

Denise Richards leads the group of Hollywood's better with age bikini bodies. (Celebuzz)

Padma Laskshmi says she could taste what you eat with a kiss. Hope she likes pastrami. (FoxNews)

Lindsay Lohan suddenly has a new half-sister who's 17. The Lohans, everyone! (TMZ)

A mountain of evidence against the need for bras. (TheChive)

Jennifer Love Hewitt in a casual outfit that still can't contain her wonderful curves. (Popoholic)


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