Kate Beckinsale: Will's Gift to You This Thanksgiving

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Kate Beckinsale. She is the perfect combo of sexiness, cuteness, girl next door.

While EgoReader 'Will' clearly did not get the ten word limit in the contest, we really wouldn't be the adults we promised ourselves we would be as scolded kids if we didn't allow people to break the rules just a bit. Heck, if we were meter maids and somebody came back to their car five minutes late with an excuse, we'd tear up that ticket instead of lying and saying that it was 'already in the system'.

We strive not to be hypocrites. Or to be neglectful of the beauty of the 'girl next door' Will believes the sweetly MILFtastic Kate Beckinsale possesses. We kind of agree, although, as it happens, the girl next door to us is missing her front teeth and dead-lifts 400 lbs, so Kate Beckinsale would be the girl next door to us in our dreams. And, likely, yours.

Take a look at ten of our more delectable pictures of Hot Mama Kate and fill your reproductive cornucopias with the spirit of the season.

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