John Madden's Turducken and Other Treats Courtesy of the NFL on Thanksgiving

Growing up I can remember looking forward to the Thanksgiving Day football games the way a fat kid would over a lifetime supply of Twinkies. Knowing that the games were coming up afterwards were the only way I could sit through those incredibly boring parades that Mom always loved to watch. As long as I could watch some football on Thursday I could put up with an handle anything.

If only that theory wasn't tested just about every Turkey Day. For some reason Mom would call us to the dinner table as the first game was winding down and the Cowboys were driving towards the end zone for the winning score. You'd think living in Texas you would know how important those moments were!

The NFL has had a large part in the creation of all sorts of memories. The vast majority have to do with so-and-so making some huge plays during the game on the field. Many of the most entertaining, interesting, and quirky ones were not game clips at all, but were of some of the odd and funny things that surround the game.

After completing some intense research I have compiled a list of five of the best things that have come from or courtesy of the NFL on Thanksgiving:

5. Music Videos

Thanks to YouTube the amateur film maker in all of us is able to feed his/her addiction as long as they know someone with a video camera. Many of them suck, but some--like this one--are awesome!

Football; it's a great game that gives us joy in so many ways (like time with friends and family creating memories and forging bonds that will last a lifetime). Luckily, we don't have to pay for all of them!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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