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Jessica Biel Sideboob Is the Best Thing to Happen Since She Got Married

While Justin Timberlake may be benefitting from regular boot knockings from his new bride, Jessica Biel (albeit, a survey of my married friends shows that there is a 100% likelihood of a decrease in that department moving forward), we have been suffering as Jessica has put her delicious body into hiding of late, perhaps harkening back to olden days when a taken woman became fully clothed and cut off any sextastic views in public, lest she create lust in other men's hearts.

Well, here's the deal, all we have in our hearts is lust, so we were damn glad to see Jessica at the Hitchcock film premiere in Beverly Hills finally showing a bit of sideboob, some sweet skin, for the benefit of those of us who have been passion-tracking Jessica since before it was even polite to talk about in public. We'll take it. We miss you, Jessica. Mrs. or Ms., does not matter to us. Enjoy.

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