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Is this Disney Princess Leia Mashup What We Can Expect from 'Star Wars' From Now On (VIDEO)

Everyone's pretty excited by the notion of a new Star Wars film being made without George Lucas behind the camera in time for a 2015 release. And say what you will about Disney, the first few Pirates of the Caribbean movies has some bite to them, and Tron Legacy was an 'adult' science-fiction movie (that unfortunately happened to be pretty boring and dull), so it's very possible that even though the franchise is now in control of the House of Mouse, the movies could be a return to form.

But what is being overlooked is that Disney brands the shit out of its commodities. So we shouldn't just be expecting a Star Wars film but a new Star Wars TV series, animated series, cartoons, comics. Remember what Yogurt said in Spaceballs, 'Merchandising, merchandising, merchandising...' So while the Disney/Star Wars mashup above might be kind of far-fetched, it's well within Disney's rights and business acumen to make a Beauty and the Beast-style cartoon about young Princess Leia and her adventures with all her woodland friends. Just sayin'...

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