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If It Looks Like An Apatow Movie and Sounds Like An Apatow Movie Then It Must Be the 'This is 40' Red Band Featurette (VIDEO)

Calling something the 'sort-of sequel to Knocked Up' is like saying it might sort-of be good like that movie, or it might sort-of suck like Funny People. And it's difficult to keep track of which movie we're supposed to be thinking about when watching footage from the newest Judd Apatow movie because both star Leslie Mannas the female lead and the couple's children as the couple's children, so...I...I don't know.

But much like it's difficult to make a crummy horror trailer no matter who bad the movie is, it's difficult to make a bad Apatow trailer, no matter who sappy the plot actually is, which is why I'm at least intrigued by this new behind-the-scenes featurette on the film, which if nothing else, let's us stare at everyone's favorite new milf Megan Foxin bra and panties for at least a few seconds.

This Is 40 comes out December 21st.

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