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Hitman: Absolution Sneaks Into Position in Sensational Launch Trailer (VIDEO)

The weaponry, disguises and gadgets of Hitman Absolution are almost upon us and it's time to do some assassinating Agent 47-style. Throw in the dynamic disruption of folks on your friends list randomly assigning you targets using the Contract functionality and this Hitman game should have you using all of your skill and nerve to get the job done.

By now you've seen enough of the trailers and gameplay clips that you should have a good idea of what you're getting into. This launch trailer is supposed to bring it all together and serve as the final argument to convince you to put down the Call of Duty and pick up Hitman. Afterall, it's just like Black Ops 2 except slower, with less shooting and fewer people to shoot. And for those of you still hanging on to  Halo 4, there are no disgusting aliens in Hitman Absolution. There are crazy nuns in crazy tight outfits, though, so we're really splitting here.

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