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Here are Some NFL Picks with Cheerleader Picks for Week Nine

So last week I was 4-4, meaning that since I've started picking against the spread I'm at 7-7. Not gonna get you rich going .500, but if I was betting the same amount of money on every game, I'd still be even. Better than losing money. This week features two double digit favorites, with Houston and Green Bay both giving 10.5 points. I'm taking both of them, since the Texans host the Bills and the Packers host the Cardinals. The Bills have the last ranked rushing defense and the Texans have Arian Foster.

The Pack caught heat last week for letting the Jags stick around and they also didn't cover that double digit spread. I haven't lost confidence in Aaron Rodgers and company though, I think they're going to lay it down on Arizona this week, mostly because Arizona's offense is pretty shoddy right now. No run game and John Skelton is struggling.

I'm taking three road favorites in Denver at Cincinnati, Miami at Indianapolis and Baltimore at Cleveland. Should be a great week of action.

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