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Guy Fieri And The 7 Worst Celebrity Chefs

Guy Fieri woke up this morning to find that his new Times Square restaurant, Guy's American Kitchen and Bar, had been torn apart by The New York Times. The hilariously cruel article is written in a series of questions about how much he and his restaurant suck. Our culture has become obsessed with both food and watching food porn on TV. The only problem is that both the chefs and the food are mediocre piles of crap. If it is classified as a type of pornography it's the crappy grainy kind with two unattractive fat rednecks humping in their trailer. Guy Fieri is among a gaggle of Food Network and Travel Channel stars that have made millions off of their celebrity status. Gaping yokels come to New York, Vegas, and other great food towns and make a B-line to one of these nauseating culinary slop houses. Why? Just because this bleached-blond-spiky-haired neanderthal is on TV doesn't mean his food is any good. So, while we are hating on these guys, here is a gallery of the 7 worst celebrity chefs.

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