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Gregg Popovich Wasn't 'Happy' With David Aldridge's Choice of Words

San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich isn't exactly warm and cuddly. Pop also isn't exactly a fan of sideline reporters asking him questions, but it's league mandated so he does it because he has to. That doesn't mean Popovich has to be nice about it, and during the break between the third and fourth quarter of a tied game last night, David Aldridge of TNT walked into the hornet's nest.

Aldridge asked Pop if he was 'happy' with the Spurs' shot selection during the third quarter. Apparently, 'happy' is not a word Popovich thinks should ever be associated with playing basketball and he lets Aldridge know it. After lecturing Aldridge, Popovich then answers a question about how much rest he can give Tim Duncan and Tony Parker, then delivers a nice parting shot on his way back to the bench. I'm guessing Aldridge didn't have a good night's sleep after this one.

video via @CJzero

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