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Gisele Bundchen Bikini Pictures Present a Preggo Supermodel Whose Rump We'd Still Love to Bump

You know, my office safety buddy Aaron thinks that we have too many pregnant celebrities featured on Egotastic!, but what are we to do in this year of 2012 when seemingly half of every Tinsel Town hottie has got themselves knocked up by a husband or boyfriend or unemployed DJ living off of B.H. 90210 residual checks?

Take for example bumpable boot-knockable Gisele Bundchen who we've only lusted after for just about forever. Are we to not take notice when she shows off her model into mommy transformation in a tiny bikini by the pool? Oh, sure, not everyone out there is a preggo fetish junky, and that's fine, we can accept that normalcy, but if the idea of Gisele Bundchen laid out on her back in your boudoir unable to properly right herself until after you re-create the conception process doesn't give you a crooked pause, then you're not closing your eyes hard enough when you dream. Enjoy.

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