Gaming’s Whacked-Out Week: What’s Better Than Two Boobs? Four, Allegedly…

Nothing” would have served as a better answer to the above query, as we’re sure you’ll attest. Did the Martian hooker from Total Recall require an additional mamtastic? She did not. The surplus served only to enable her party trick: suckling all of her triplets at once. Which was, let’s be frank, quite the boner-killer (“Damn right,” concurs Frank. How did he get in here? Why has he got his bollocks in his hand?).

Our friends in France have opted to nonchalantly raise their Gallic middle fingers at such logical concerns. This week, they instigated a preposterous advertising campaign for a certain video game console. It consists, primarily, of humungous posters of a woman with four boobs.

Such inherent queries as what the shit? and WHAT THE SHIT? arise at this point. Regardless, though, as a fleeting blast of Egotastic! math will tell you, four norks equals twice the norks. This, and more of the week’s lunacy from the medium, warrants further perusal in the gallery above.

Bizarre French quadra-bosom posters can be seen at Kotaku.

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