Gaming’s Whacked-Out Week: Boob-Ogling Achievements and Skimpy Swimsuit Shenanigans

Have you ever lamented the lack of reward for our lady-lusting antics? Should there perhaps be ‘fifty cents off’ coupons that stipulate: redeemable only if you check out the cashier’s copious cleavage upon handing this baby over? (Nobody wants strenuous brain-quizzes at the end of the week, so the answers to these queries are of course you have, and of course there should.) Add a gentleman’s club or two the equation, wherein you take that dollar bill out of the g-string -an asstastic ATM if you will- and we’ve heralded the arrival of a bosomy, slightly Twilight Zone-esque utopian society.

To this end, OXM have produced a video for our delectation. Supposedly an amusing pastiche of the treatment of women in video games, the most pertinent point within is that a certain Xbox 360 title awards an achievement for tit-tastic leering. While we’re merrily feasting on The Sandwich of Crazy (it’s a BLT, incidentally), hit the gallery for more on this; not to mention the impending Spin the Bottle with freakish penis-men title for Wii U.

Hit Kotaku for OXM’s boobtastic video and the horrors of Wii U Spin the Bottle.

Destructoid proffers imagery of the latest lurid Dead or Alive 5 DLC.