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Game, Set, Match! Spanish Tennis Player Eva Fernandez Aces the Lingerie Court in DSS Magazine

Do you love tennis? Or, more importantly, do you love super hot sultry Spanish tennis players who strip down to some little bits of lingerie for sextastic photoshoots? Yes, I figured I'd get an 'aye-aye' on that second question.

Eva Fernandez may not have dominated the world during her stint on the world tennis circuit, but, she could still easily kick my single-backhanded-lobbing sorry arse on the court and, towel down afterward for a ridiculously hot photoshoot for DSS magazine in Spain. The Iberian curves on this woman make me want to bounce my balls across her grass court (I'm not even sure what that means, but maybe translated into Spanish it'll seem romantic when I send her my love letter and offer to meet up in a Madrid Marriott for eleven minutes of doubles play). Enjoy.

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