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From Recycled Beer Cans to a Bad-Ass Star Wars X-Wing Fighter

You can do a lot with beer. You can do even more if you drink the ones that come in cans. And by cans, we mean the aluminum ones, not the ones that're attached to the bods of bodacious babes. Not that you can drink beer from the latter type of cans...

Anyway, as I was saying, you can do a lot with beer cans. You can crunch them up and flatten them when you're done drinking to show off your superhuman strength. You can cut the tops off and seal the jagged edges to turn them into makeshift pen holders. You can also cut them open and flatten bits of the cans into sheets so you can use them to build something awesome, like this bad-ass Star Wars X-Wing fighter.

At least, that's what can crafting enthusiast tom-tom1969 did with his empty Kaiser cans. Check out the gallery to see more views of the alcoholic spacecraft!

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