From Equator Lines to Panty Lines: Zombie Edition

After spending three months learning about my feminine side in a Turkish prison for trying to smuggle some hash out of the country, I thought my travelling days were over. But before you could say 'Ohhh Billy' I was back at the passport office getting a fresh stamp in my book as I took my first sojourn down to South Africa where Johannesberg ad agency Ireland/Davenport was doing something a little special for its new calendar shoot in order to promote Season 3 of Walking Dead. Hot zombies.

That's right, because swimsuit models can turn into a mindless creature too, ya know (it's not a far trip, hiyoooo). And I gotta say, despite the stray piece of rotting flesh, dead eyes and insatiable thirst to eat my brains, they still look pretty damn good. Throw a little rouge and spray-tanner on these girls, add the curse from Weekend at Bernie's 2 that make them dance when the music is playing and I think I found my New Years Eve date this year.

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