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David Wilson Hall of Fame Watch - Week 10

New York Giants first round draft pick, running back David Wilson said he would make the Pro Football Hall of Fame when his career was all wrapped up, so I decided to track his progress to Canton. His first season started off with a fumble in the first game and he's struggled to get on the field much, except for his role as the kickoff return man.

Now, his coach Tom Coughlin says Wilson needs to grow up and be a man. Ouch. Coughlin, according to, had this to say about the rookie.

It's about winning games, it's not a popularity contest. It's time for you to grow up and be a man now and see what you can do with the whole ball of wax. Until he proves that it's hard to stick him out there and feel comfortable.

Yikes. In the Giants blowout at the hands of the Bengals on Sunday, Wilson registered one carry for one yard, bringing his season totals to 18 carries for 89 yards and one touchdown. Wilson returned six kicks Sunday, averaging 17 yards with a long of 29.

Canton probability after week 10 - Low

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