Colts Cheerleaders Prove Bald is Truly Beautiful and Other Craziness Highlight a Great Week in Football

Every week the action on the field seems to get better and better. Can you really beat Notre Dame earning spot in the BCS title game? Wisconsin’s Montee Ball setting the career touchdown mark? Or how about the wild shootout in the Bedlam Series? Or the crazy finish Baltimore pulled off in San Diego on Sunday? I could go on and on and on and on and on and–you get the picture, right?

As good as the action was on the field there were plenty of action that surrounded the game off the field as well. We got a fan trying to get Philly/Carolina tickets in exchange for leftover Halloween candy, Arkansas fans singing the praises of Jon Gruden, a coach using his bonus to buy fans a drink and so much more!

Bald is Beautiful Baby!

By now I am sure you have heard about Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano (who has been absent from the team while he fights leukemia). During the game with the Bills at Lucas Oil Stadium, a pair of the Colts cheerleaders showed Coach some love while helping to raise funds to go towards leukemia research.

Blue, the Colts mascot, put the challenge out to the cheerleading squad–if I raise $10,000 one of you shave your head. The lovely Megan stepped up to the challenge and was joined on Sunday by Crystal Anne. Blue raised more than double of what he needed so come Sunday the hair had to come off.

Hats off to these two awesome and beautiful women for being willing to put themselves out there like that. Class acts for sure.

BW3′s Commercial Comes to Life

Some of the best movies, television shows, and even commercials are considered entertaining and cool because people think they could see whatever it is actually happening no matter how outlandish it is. In Miami, fans and players were treated to an unexpected live reenactment of the BW3′s commercial where the groundskeeper helps make the game last longer so fans can keep hanging out.

Apparently Sun Life Stadium had a forecast for rain!

Penn State’s Bill O’Brien Speaks From the Heart

It has been a real rough year for Penn State, but they were able to end it on a high note by beating Wisconsin Saturday 24-21 in overtime. After the game the first year head coach of the Nittany Lions had some choice words to say about the kids on his team (WARNING: NSFW):

It’s raw. It’s real. It’s real raw. Some people are convinced he said ‘fighters’ and when you’re listening again, it does sound that way.

Either way, it’s awesome.