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Chloe Melas Bikini Pictures Because Internet Bloggers Can Achieve Personal Physical Success

Chloe Melas is an entertainment reporter for, which you probably don't follow unless you have an innie down there between your legs, but, needless to say, Chloe has now turned her celebrity reporting into kinda celebrity dating, by getting jiggy with Brian Mazza, a self-proclaimed New York fashion and nightlife expert who appeared on the reality show High Society. While that ain't all that, Chloe's bikini body is perhaps the most impressive I've seen from the Internet blogging community, with my own coming in a close second, but a vastly distant second if you're mandating bikini as the wardrobe.

Chloe frolicked along Miami beach freshly filled with, err, love, from her hot romance and showed that not everyone who sits behind a computer in a dark room day and night has to look like Mary-Kate Olsen's new older boyfriend. Some, well, one, can look like Chloe Melas. Enjoy.

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