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Check Out this Awesome DIY Iron Man War Machine Costume (VIDEO)

I like Iron Man's Mark suits and the Patriot armor he'll be donning in Iron Man 3. But to be honest, I've always been partial to the War Machine suit. Call me boring, but I think monochromatic suits the Iron Man physique pretty well. Tony Stark might not agree with me, but then, he's got bigger fish to fry. Remember the Mandarin?

Anyway, the fine folks from Stealth Cosplay have unlocked some of the secrets to the awesomeness of the War Machine costume, and they've built themselves their own suit! It can't fly and it definitely can't transform to reveal guns, but it still has the capacity to knock everyone off their feet.

The suit isn't for sale, although its makers are eager to share how they put it all together. Obviously, a suit of this sort will take up a lot of time and require even more effort. At least this time around, you'll have close to a year to prepare your costume for next Halloween, right? Right.

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