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Celebrate Reviving From Your Thanksgiving Coma With a Little Larry David In Your Life (VIDEO)

Larry David's Thanksgiving Special from Larry David

Ever since the Great Turkey Fry Fire of 2010, my Thanksgivings have been much more low key. Instead of sitting down to a big dinner with my family, I borrow my Uncle Earl's ice cream truck (business has been slow for Earl ever since the court mandated he's not allowed within 200 feet of small children for some reason), dress up in my best Pilgrim clothes and do donuts in an Indian casino parking lot shouting 'Victory! Victory! Victory!' through the truck's megaphone. Then of course I park, go inside and lose my entire saving's at the Pao Gow tables. So who really got the short end of the stick in this whole 'America' thing I ask?

But as you can see from this animated Turkey Day special from Larry David from Funny or Die, his Thanksgiving growing up was a lot like the rest of ours. A lot like the rest of ours if you also had a creepy Uncle who wore baggy undershirts with copious amounts of body hair exposed. I think the answer is a resounding yes. Enjoy.

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