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Catrinel Menghia Lingerie Pictures For the Perfect Retro-Sultry Boudoir Feelings

We've seen Romanian sultry hottie Catrinel Menghia on here over the years, but hardly if ever enough. Catrinel is one world-class model standout who feeds our deep dark exotic girl we meet in an overseas Wendy's restaurant fantasy, oh, so well. In fact, in our dreams, even at Wendy's Catrinel is wearing sheer little bits of lingerie as she is in this photoset for the Lise Charmel collection, some silk coverings over this flawless relentlessly hot body.

Take a long, slow gander at Catrinel Menghia and see if you don't start wishing you could hide in her bedroom closet and peek for a couple hours or years or so too. Enjoy.

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