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'Carrie' Viral Campaign Lets You Talk To Carrie on Your Cell

Carrie's life has been a tragic one, and her story is about to get re-told with Sony's upcoming remake of the 1976 classic. Stephen King penned a gem when he wrote Carrie's tale, which is one of torment, revenge, and of course, horror.

Carrie has lived a sheltered life, no thanks to her unstable mother named Margaret. In fact, Halloween has come and gone with no trick-or-treating for Carrie. So why don't you do her a favor and give her a call? I'm sure she'd love to hear from you--as long as you don't make fun of her, that is.

Sony Pictures has set up this number for Carrie so you can give her a call, anytime, anywhere. If you want, you can also sign up to receive periodic updates from Carrie herself. If you call the number again after signing up, Margaret herself picks up and makes it clear that she doesn't want you calling her home again.

But go on, call her. Carrie's waiting for you.

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