Call of Duty Black Ops II Arrives to Heal All and Make Everything Better (VIDEO)

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After months of guessing, speculation and all sorts of clamoring for details, Call of Duty: Black Ops II is upon us. We'll be back with a review shortly, but in the meantime sink your teeth into some wonderful Black Ops II media and info that we've collected for you this year. There's a name for this kind of roundup but we don't like the term "roundup" and haven't thought of anything better so, for now, it's just a collection.

Also here's a fun  mini game: try to count the number of times we refer to this game using the "II" versus the "2" because we were totally inconsistent with that. Roman versus Arabic numerals was a decision that just couldn't be made on certain days of this year. You know what we mean right? Get down with more Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 below.

 Nuketown 2025 Trailer

The Greatest Collection of Black Ops II Trailers Yet

Our Super Fat Original Preview 1

Our Super Fat Original Preview 2

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