Brandon Lloyd Jumps a Smart Car, NFL and College Coaches Gone Mad, and More in a Crazy Week in Football

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If only I was independently wealthy...I'd have camera crews following various teams and coaches around everywhere they went (24-7). Week in  and week out as I research the week in off-field drama I can't help but think what a fantastic reality show all the craziness would make (yea, I've said it before, but this was one crazy week).

There must have been something in the water with the number of coaches that were involved in one incident or another. We got guys going off about Twitter feeds, slapping assistants, abusing players, snapping at reporters, etc. There were so many coaches going nuts that the players pretty much went neglected. That is, all but New England Patriots wide receiver Brandon Lloyd who did something really dumb--he jumped over a smart car.

Brandon Lloyd Shows How Smart He Isn't

A couple weeks ago there was a story about a high school player that wanted to impress college scouts with his athleticism. So he had a friend drive at him with a car which he was going to jump. Ideas like that ended in the only way they can; epic failure.

You have to wonder where kids get half-baked ideas like that. Then a video of Brandon Lloyd jumping a tiny, little smart car surfaces. The difference is Lloyd's is fake and if it wasn't, had he hit the smart car he would have crushed the tiny little thing:

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="600" height="330"></iframe>

Is it just me, or can anyone else envision a great beer commercial using Norv's sound bites?

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