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Billie Faiers Lingerie Pictures May Be Slightly Touched, But So Will You After Checking Them Out

Granted, there's a lot you can do with photos post-production by way of modern day software. Heck, in my last Christmas family photo with all seventeen of my court-attributed illegitimate children from around the world, the guy at Sears was kind enough to Photoshop a smile on my face and a Great Dane laying at my feet to give me the look of humanity. It was a stretch, but considering the deep discount coupon I was using, I appreciated his extra effort. So, yeah, these lingerie pictures of the crazy busty Billie Faiers of The Only Way is Essex fame from our friends at Nuts are slightly glamorized, but they're still pretty damn effin' hot.

Women always complain about how women in magazines are so airbrushed that they're unreal. Well, little secret, first off, they airbrush women far more for women's magazines than they do for men's eyeballs. And, second, men are not deep thinkers when it comes to viewing sextastic women. We can work around a few reality violations without knee jerk skepticsim ruining our, well, above the knee jerking. Enjoy.

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