Bikini Hockey League is Real. Don't Fight it Anymore. (VIDEO)

The Los Angeles Kings are probably going to be the reigning champs for two seasons the way things are going in the NHL, but none of that matters. The Bikini Hockey League looks like it will succeed where the Lingerie Football League and WNBA have come up short and you should join us in getting on board with this right now.

This trailer, snippet, behind-the-scenes video has it all: bikinis, giggling, ridiculously serious bald-headed guy giving instructions and lots and lots of skin. Fighting the validity of the Bikini Hockey League will forever more be considered akin to spitting into the wind as far as Egotastic! concerned. We're all the way down with this until the Brazilian Thong Bikini Volleyball League comes to America. All Brazilian volleyball players, all the time.

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