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Bigfoot Shooters Need To Up Their Production Value

Bigfoot is at it again. He allowed himself to be filmed in a forest in Provo, UT by a couple of douchey hikers. It seems that the main behavioral trait of this homo sapien-like creature is its ability to be shot only through heavy foliage. It's like he's one of those tribesmen in the Amazon that believe that a picture takes away their soul. Either that or it's a third douchey hiker in a gorilla suit. Still, my question is if you are going to shoot footage of a Sasquatch why do you take such low res shots. A decent HD camera is pretty affordable these days. You can get a camera that shoots 1920x1080 for $300.That's a sound investment for the amount you are going to get paid for definitive bigfoot footage. Also, surely you can find a clearing or something where you can get an unobstructed view. Maybe get one of those tree platforms deer hunters use. What I'm saying is that bigfoot shooters need to up their production value.

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